In the Paleolithic period when agriculture first developed

the fertility of the land was imaged

in the pregnant goddess statues

found all over Europe/the Middle East/India.


Modern science believes all religious claims

whether ancient/modern/literal/mystical

are a holdover from humanity’s childhood

like Santa Claus – science denies them all

as there is no empirical evidence for any of them.


However, religion is not focused on evidence

but on self-transformation – crossing the threshold

of any temple/church is meant to be self-annihilation

a reminder to let go of the small self/ego.


This is why entrances to the sacred are commonly guarded

by angels/saints/gargoyles/dragons/lions/bulls –

entering you undergo metamorphosis/

leave your secular/unholy self behind/

and discover the World’s Womb/Navel/Earthly Paradise.


The call to grandeur/union with God

and to the depths of misery/separation from God

are both integral parts of human experience

that only receive their ultimate explanation

in God’s revelation.


Christian love calls you to transcend your selfishness

to commit your self to the good of others

enabling them to realize their full potential.


But, contemporary psychology tells us that to love others

you must first love your self.

But true self-love involves loving your self

the way God loves you.

But none of us is capable of loving the way God loves –

you have to let God do it.


True self-love therefore involves letting God love you

the way only God can love you.


Then you can love your self and you can love others

the way only God can love them.

Published by

Bruce Tallman

Since 2002 I have been a full-time spiritual director in private practice in London Ontario. I have published two books on spiritual direction for spiritual directors. One of them, "Finding Seekers," is a best seller in the field. I have also published two books on spirituality for the general public. The latest one is called "God's Ecstatic Love: Transform Your Life with a Spiritual Masterpiece." It is a 21st century update of Francis de Sales' classic "Treatise on the Love of God." See Amazon.com The London Free Press has published hundreds of my articles on spirituality, theology and ethics and I have facilitated marriage preparation with over 3500 couples since 1988. For more information see www.brucetallman.com

5 thoughts on “LETTING GOD LOVE YOU”

  1. Great comedy – I love the touch where you call this folderol “intelligent.” As you say, if religion has no evidence for it, then it is precisely like a two-year old’s fantasies about Santa Claus.

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      1. Thank you kindly for the offer – I don’t have the slightest use for Christian apologetics, so I’m going to decline the offer. There’s limits to science and reason, but I’m well aware of them.
        As for Christianity, its followers and adherents should, to my mind, be encouraged to move to their alleged Holy Land and live the life of their putative guru. There should be plenty of room then for secular immigrants to this country, though your religion is trending below a numerical majority – a win-win for both sides? Have a great secular day.

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  2. I have no need for the “love” of a god that supposedly commited and commanded genocide, killed children repeatedly for the actions of others, and who demands that slaves never seek their freedom.

    Love has nothing to do with a being that demands obedience and if you don’t give it, will torture you forever. That’s the actions of an abuser and a bully.

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